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2014 Toyota Hilux Reviews

2014 Toyota Hilux is a tough and strong car. The standard model of the Toyota Hilux that has brought to market, and also reached the top selling spree involved in pick-up truck segment. This car is very popular in America, Mexico, Canada, South America, especially in Brazil. For this reason, Toyota produced this new 2014 Toyota Hilux that has more advantages than the standard version. Now, this car can accommodate five passengers with comfortable seating and pleasant feeling.

2014 Toyota Hilux Reviews Image

2014 Toyota Hilux Reviews Image

2014 Toyota Hilux Reviews Image

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2014 Toyota Hilux Engine
This new Toyota Hilux 3.0 liter diesel engine uses that will give 171 hp and a maximum torque of 360 Nm. It is transmitted its raw power to the wheels with the 5- speed automatic transmission. It is also expected that this new cab 4 × 2 and 4 × 4 – has drive system.

The improvement of this 3.0-liter diesel engine makes this car has a very low level of noise when it works. This 2014 Toyota Hilux version will be ready to its competitors such as the Ford Ranger and Mazda BT -50 to fight. In the upcoming Dakar race, Toyota will release the special edition of the 2014 Toyota Hilux.

2014 Toyota Hilux Styles
This new 2014 Toyota Hilux is designed with special exterior look and feel good for the passenger in the car. There are quite a few changes to the interior and exterior of the muscle – made ??to pick up the car, and it is also raw power and a touch of luxury to this car. It has an extreme stability and control o the road with the implementation of the ESC system.

Some changes are also made ??to improve the comfort of the ride and ride in this car with the implementation of the new type of suspension. It has a new different look for the front grille and also more stylish curves on the front part of the car. In addition, the rear lights are also new. The towing capacity is now to increase up to 3000 kg. The prediction price of this 2014 Toyota Hilux is $ 115,000.

2014 Toyota Hilux

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