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Wednesday, December 4th 2013. | Mazda

2015 Mazda 3 Diesel Redesign Concept

2015 Mazda3 or Axela Mazda in Japan called the compact car that was manufactured by Mazda Motor Corporation. Mazda3 was the successor to the Mazda Familia or Mazda 323. High-capable Model called the Mazda3 MPS or Mazda Speed 3.

2015 Mazda 3 Diesel Redesign Concept Image

More about the 2015 Mazda 3 Diesel

2015 Mazda 3 is The next-generation Mazda, it is  becoming tested. Though this mule is cloaked within the fairly complicated vinyl wrap of camo, we will clearly see the A-pillar, the hood, and the roofline are correct in line along with an image of the next-gen 3 we discovered last fall. The fascia is blacked out and taped up, however the signature of Mazda’s Kodo style language, the grille, is instantly recognizable—gone is the smiley grille of the current car. The language extends to the wheel arches and the shelf-like haunches.

The new 2015 Mazda 3  will certainly be constructed in Mexico, allowing Mazda to sidestep a number of the currency imbalances which influence the profit margins of the rest of Mazda’s Japanese-built North American lineup. The 3 is Mazda’s bestselling model, and attracts a group from many totally different demographics : first-time buyers, coupon-clipping young families, boy racers who don’t mind trading a bit acceleration for any tight chassis, and people who desire a practical car which doesn’t fall under the stereotypes of the Civic or perhaps a Concentrate or perhaps a Corolla. What ever the cause, Mazda wants to supply these customers having a satisfying owner expertise to ensure come back business, and will keep the profits flowing.

2015 Mazda 3 Diesel Redesign Concept Image

The new Mazda city sport car which is revealed some times ago is considered having better engine options. There are two engine options offered by Mazda, Japan. The first engine is known as the same type engine which has been used by Mazda 6. It is the 2.0-liter 4-cylinder Skyactiv engine. This engine can produce 155 horsepower. The second engine is aimed to bring better and faster performance but still in very great fuel economical. It is the 2.5-liter Inline-4 Skyactiv engine. This engine can develop 184 horsepower. Another engine option may be included in the next production. The engine intended is the 2.2-liter diesel 4-cylinder engine. To support the engine performance, the 6-speed automatic transmission is added. On the other hand, the customers can pick the 6-speed manual transmission as well.

2015 Mazda 3 Diesel Redesign Concept Image

Redesign of 2015 Mazda 3’s Interiors and Exteriors

The New 2015 Mazda 3 appears in very delightful design both exterior and interior. Seeing the exterior, we can find that the producer worked very impressively to upgrade the beltline for more aggressive look. The grille is refined and the new fog lights are added. To support the high quality performance and enhance sporty look, Mazda 3 now uses twin exhaust pipes. The news came from the field said that the new Mazda 3 which will be sent to the market has longer and bigger body than the previous series. Instead of the attractive exterior, the new Mazda 3 comes with upgraded interior. If we take a look into the cabin, we can see that the new touchscreen display is added. Further, the heater and cooler compartment is included in the first row. Some experts said that the interior is really influenced by Kodo design which has been also used in several Mazda cars. The new Mazda 3 will come to the marketplace officially in 2014. This city sport car will appear in several sporty colors. According to some reputable sources, this 2015 Mazda 3 Price will be offered starting from $17,000 up to $25,000.

The upcoming 2015 Mazda 3 appears in impressive exteriors and upgraded interiors. This city sport car will be supported with 2 gasoline engine options and expectedly with 1 diesel engine option.

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